I’m back with a new design, new motivation and new stories to tell. While I was away, I’ve seen many things, Bali, Australia, New Zealand etc. and I hope I’ll find the time to tell you more about my adventures, the story about my broken back and why there was no time for writing anymore. But first I want to tell you about my city trip to Barcelona and some locations that made my trip unique.

“Get lost. If you want to live Barcelona, just get lost.” At least that’s what locals told me and that’s exactly what we did. What I learned about Barcelona doing that is that every so called barrio has its own history, own people and own charm. In the Barri Gótic you’ll find lots of narrow streets and tiny shops. That was also the point where we really got lost because every street looks similar to the others. Next to the beach you’ll find the complete opposite with one huge promenade, la Barceloneta, offering you restaurants of all kind, bars and of course clubs. If you want to eat Paella, visit the hipster arrocería La Barraca, it’s a bit expensive, but the paella is huge and delicious plus the interior and view is amazing.

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Talking of views, there are some spots you shouldn’t miss: First of all the famous Bunkers del Carmel. To enjoy this one, you should be quick. Once called a secret spot, now it is frequented by more and more tourists. But there are still lots of locals that enjoy the sunset with a picnic basket filled with tapas and a bottle of wine. We’ve been there just in time for the sunset (around nine o’clock) but the bus (V17) takes aprox. 40 minutes from the center to the top, so you should take that one into account.


I stumbled upon the other spot while reading a blogpost. At The Urban Massage you can enjoy an amazing view over the city of Barcelona while getting a soothing massage. The employees are more than friendly and cater to one’s individual wishes. There are several options, for example you can get a massage for the whole body (45 min.) for just 35€ per person, which is, in my opinion, an incredible good price. We enjoyed this experience a lot and I’m sure you’ll love the massage, especially after an exhausting day packed with sightseeing.


The third option to enjoy a view over Barcelona is up up in the air. We did a helicopter flight via Viator which was short but worth the price. The tour we booked consisted of a walking tour through the city center with our tour guide Daria, a boat trip and the helicopter flight. All together we spent around 4 hours discovering the city. Even though the walking tour was really interesting, the helicopter flight was definitely the highlight.


When in Barcelona, you should definitely enjoy the tapas. There is a street called Carrer Blei where you’ll find all different kind of tapas. The most famous one in Catalunya is the pan con tomate which is similar to the Bruschetta in Italy. But of all the tapas restaurants we’ve been to, Bitacora was the most authentic one. They offer a huge selection of tapas, gambas al ajillo, pulpo a la gallega, gazpacho, croquetas, everything you can think of. We were not just thrilled by the food but also by the music they were playing (reason could be that I really love the sound of Gramatik, it just so fitted the ambience of the bar). Everyone smiled and we felt like home, definitely worth a visit… or two!

I don’t want to talk about things like Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell, there is already too much information on that, but I like to share two of my favorite things you can discover outside Barcelona. If you want to spend a relaxing afternoon at the beach, I would recommend you to avoid the Barceloneta beach and take the R1 train to Ocata beach. There you’ll be able to enjoy clear blue water with less tourists around you. There is also a restaurant nearby where you can have some refreshments or eat something.


Last but not least: Girona, oh my lovely Girona. (You see my enthusiasm here) We planned a day trip to one of the most fascinating tiny cities I’ve ever been to.  While strolling through the city center, you can feel the medieval history that left its indelible mark on the city and its people. Perhaps that’s why beautiful Girona is where they have filmed some important parts of the sixth season of Game of Thrones. We also decided to do a tour here and our guide showed us all the locations of the series and mixed that with important infos about Girona’s history. This is how we discovered the whole city. For lunch we had the best salmon burger on earth at Martina Sweet Cakes which is actually a patisserie where you can also enjoy lovely homemade cupcakes. Girona offers you cute boutiques, delicious restaurants and something magical that hits you while admiring its medieval architecture. We discovered a tiny garden where you can, if you’re lucky, listen to musicians playing the guitar. There’s the possibility to walk around the city on the town wall where you have an incredible view over the surroundings of Girona. We could have easily stayed longer but perhaps we’ll be more lucky next time.

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