Recently a lot of people have asked me what I have planned for the next two months. I start telling them that I’m going to spend some days here and some days there and while telling this I suddenly realize that there is not much time left that I’ll be actually spending at home before university starts again. I’m home now for exactly one month and after Erasmus it was a little confusing to get back to my so-called normal life again but I think that everyone needs a period of adjustment after a stay abroad. Anyway, it is not true that I’m actually home as in my real home, it is just the fact that I’m not in Spain anymore that makes me believe that I’m home. But the truth is that I am touring around again with a little suitcase with too less clothing in it. And the first time in my life I feel that this is kind of wrong.

I started thinking about that sudden change and this is when I realized something really important. It doesn’t feel wrong because I don’t enjoy being here or because I’m tired of travelling, no. It feels wrong because of this simple feeling that everyone knows, the feeling that reminds us where we belong to, the feeling of missing home. People like me, lifelong travel-addicts that try to plan their next adventure even though they’re not even back from their last one have one thing in common: we forget how beautiful and fulfilling it can be to actually be home. In a world where we have the great possibility to jump from one place to another in no time we tend to focus a little bit too much on where we are going to instead of thinking about where we come from.

Especially our young generation knows the permanent urge to travel around because we are lucky enough to have all the possibilities and financial resources to go find ourselves. Not just because of that but also because TV, radio and social media tell us to do so. Travelling has changed over the last few decades, it has become an integral part of everyday life and our generation can’t imagine life without it. As one of the most used hashtags on Instagram, travelling is cool, travelling means you’re free and travelling is what you should be doing. We definitely want to be part of that community and if the travel bug hits once again after looking through hundreds of amazing travel-photos on Facebook, it is understandable that everyone starts packing the suitcase to start new adventures. Of course this is nothing bad at all, it is actually quite a good thing. I even think that this urge to travel has changed our society in a really beautiful way. It broadens our horizons, challenges us, creates new opportunities and builds a link between all the cultures of the world.

But we should not forget to balance things. Like we balance our diet we also should balance our urge to travel. Adventures are something really wonderful, they are like a tasty chocolate, but if you eat too much of it you are in danger of getting sick. This is why we all should take a minute or two or three to think about our home. So wherever you might be at the moment, think about your home and family and tell them how much you appreciate to have all that. Home is where our beloved family awaits us, where we appreciate the little things like having a nice warm bed, clean clothes and drinkable water, where we can calm down and where we can, after we’ve found ourselves, actually be ourselves.




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