[ERASMUS] Brace yourselves: We are coming home!

Attention: The following article shouldn’t be taken too seriously, we are really looking forward to coming home! This is just my ironic way of dealing with goodbyes, please enjoy ;)

It is nearly July and we have to face the fact that ERASMUS is coming to an end. At this stage of our exchange, we are busily working on our bucket-lists with things we definitely want to do (once more) before coming home. In other words: we are constantly denying the fact that we’ll have to leave everything behind soon, our new home as well as our new family. Only the sad fact of saying goodbye to everyone reminds us that the saying “All good things come to an end” is actually true. So, while we Erasmus-students still try to make the best out of our last days here, you people at home, especially family and best friends, are awaiting impatiently our return. But you should be warned, after we’ve come home, you might want to get rid of us really quickly because we’ll be different to what you’ve expected. If you wonder why, here are 5 reasons why you’ll probably hate us after our life abroad.

Number 1: We constantly talk about our amazing experience. And we do not stop. As we have experienced now the best time of our lives while you were stuck in your totally boring home-country, we definitely have to tell you about everything you missed. And with everything I really mean everything, every detail. Of course, we are not really keen on listening to your dull stories about your past 6 months, especially because our stories, for example that one time our botellón (see number 3) ended with neighbors throwing eggs at us, are way more interesting and we really don’t want to waste time with your nonsense. Although we don’t mean to bring it up in every conversation and we don’t want you to be jealous (even though we know you are), we just can’t help telling you about our freaking amazing time abroad and we’ll find a way to interrupt every conversation just to let you know how great our time as an Erasmus-student has been.

Number 2: We are so independent now and way too cool to care. You might not even be able to complain about number 1, because we don’t really bother talking to you at all. We don’t want to be mean, we really appreciated you as a friend, but let’s say it this way: we don’t really need you anymore. As we had to survive alone (at least the first days until we made some friends, but let’s just pretend we were all on our own) in a foreign country, we think of ourselves as independent heroes. Nobody can hurt us anymore because we have mastered so many things we can be proud of, we have literally grown up into a higher species of human being who doesn’t need the company of average people anymore. And of course you don’t understand because you haven’t experienced that amazing personality-changing period of life, so we don’t even bother explaining it to you.

Number 3: We don’t belong to one country anymore. We call that „being international“. What you feared some months ago before we left has actually come true. We have been spending our past few months with people all over the world plus we’ve done that in a totally different socio-cultural environment. This basically means that we have internalized the best parts of all the characteristics and traditions we got to know from our international range of friends. Don’t be surprised when we suddenly start talking about botellóns (in a not so cool language also known as pre-drinks) as if that would be the most normal thing of the world or when we show off our amazing new Australian accent while talking English. And when it comes to a conversation about any foreign country, the things you say probably aren’t worth being considered anymore because, as you already can guess, we might know it better anyway.

Number 4: Our social media accounts are way cooler than yours and this drives you crazy. We’ve spent the past few months posting pictures of mojitos at the beach or parties in amazingly huge clubs. Pictures that showed us having fun in all kind of life-situations while you were sitting on your couch watching the rain pouring down the window. With every post we literally felt the rage rising inside of you and we know that you can never quite forgive us for that. But when you thought that we stop showing off our amazing lifestyle now, you’re totally wrong. The “Spain-memories”- and “Remember the time we…”-posts are just about to start. But don’t worry, perhaps you even won’t be able to read our posts or comments anymore because we know way too many languages to waste our talent on our own mother tongue. A small crumb of comfort: we still appreciate your Like.

Number 5: We have turned into lifelong travel-lovers. You thought you’d have us back after our Erasmus-experience? Meep. You have to face the truth: You’ve lost us to a lifetime full of travelling and exploring the world. We might even be considered as nomads, unwilling to choose one place to stay for the rest of our lives. As we don’t really belong to one country anymore, we are not keen on wasting too much time on unimportant stuff that has nothing to do with travelling since this is the only way to achieve personal growth and fresh perspectives. The thought of staying more than some months in our home country freaks us out, this is why we’ve already planned to visit all of our cool new friends in summer. So don’t expect us to have too much time left for you. And don’t be too sad if the fact that you are spending one week in Italy won’t really impress us anymore, but just because we’ve already booked our 2-month-long New Zealand and Australia-trip.

Now you know lots of reasons why we probably turned into the worst kind of persons ever and we really understand if you don’t want to expose yourself to this kind of awful encounters. But we also know that you all love us and that you missed us a lot (which could probably be based on reciprocity) and that it is really hard for you to hate us, even though we all know that our new selves are the incarnation of perfection, at least almost. So, what remains to be said now: Brace yourselves, we are coming home, and to end the ironic tone: we are really looking forward to all of you guys! <3


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