BRA-BLEMS: When our daily companion turns out to be our worst enemy

Against the opinion of lots of men, it is good to be a woman. Especially since women finally dare to stand up for themselves in order to be in control of their own destiny. Women nowadays prove what they are capable of, ruling the world is only one thing on that list. At least, we are smart enough to do that as good as men do. But to take up these daily life challenges, a woman needs to feel comfortable and self-confident. This goes along with good and comfortable clothing, what brings us to a major struggle that only exists in the life of every women.

It consists of three letters and I am pretty sure that everyone of us at some point already declared war on that little companion: I’m talking about the bra. With 13 years nearly every girl can’t wait to wear her first one. Mine was really pretty, with a Snoopy on it, wonderful, right? Anyway, the bra is considered one of the symbols of finally being a woman, even though now I know that I was far away from that at this time. After a little while, this first bra-love has turned into a really big “bra-blem” that I would rather not have in my life. But as I don’t feel comfortable giving them their “freedom” when I’m in public, I need to deal with this struggle.

The mayor problem with a bra: It just doesn’t fit, no matter how expensive it was. I can spend hours and hours running from one shop to another, but in the end I just end up trying on 100 bras, at least it always feels that way. If it’s a lucky day, I come home with one of them. At this point, I need to say something: Dear men, as you see, buying a bra is not a stroll in the park. Please don’t tell us all the time that we should wear something new for you. We know that our super-comfy favourite bra gets boring after a while but we are working on that and you’re ripping it off anyways as fast as you can.

To come back to the topic: If I finally bought a bra, chances are really high that I’m suddenly not that sure anymore if it was the right choice. Why? Do you know the urge to rip off your bra the moment you walk in the door at the end of a long day? Exactly, and that’s my problem. Wearing an uncomfortable bra is not only irritating but also frustrating and unhealthy. I’ve spent so many hours on trying them on, but in the end I’m still not happy and I think a lot of women can relate to that. Main reason for all the “bra-blems” is that women belong to several shape-types and that our breast sizes aren’t just standard. ThirdLove has set itself the task to face exactly these problems. They use a patented technology in order to let you find your perfect size at home and what is even better: They have a 100% Fit Guarantee. Together with them, I’ll share with you this guide, which should help you to avoid “bra-blems” in the future for a happy coexistence between you and your bra. And if you want to try out their bras, just enter the code “BRABLEMS” while ordering and you’ll get a 15% off. “Bra-blem” solved ;)



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