I’m finally back: with a new layout, new stories and a new writing style. My dearest international friends have asked me over and over again one simple question: “Why don’t you write in [please fill in your mother tongue]?” That one question has finally convinced me to take the next step and try something completely new. I’m still quite nervous about the idea translating some of my blogposts into English, but sooner or later that would have happened anyway. Perhaps it’s a good idea, I’m so focused on my French and Spanish studies that I nearly forgot about how beautiful the English language can be. Nevertheless, German (or as some of you would call it: Austrian) is still the only language that allows me to be poetic and eloquent, let’s say to express all the ideas that are floating around in my head. But I really try to keep the English version in mind, so all of you guys can read what’s going on in my life ;)

The language issue isn’t the only thing that has changed. I basically changed my whole life, temporary. As you may already have noticed, I wasn’t blogging for a while. This has several reasons. Number one: As every student around January, I was busy with the finals. Number two: Somehow I had the crazy idea to change the style of the whole website which means a lot of work (Btw, do you like it?). Number three: I had to say goodbye to Innsbruck. At least until October. I packed my seven things together and took off towards the south. As I started thinking about the Erasmus-programme, I was pretty sure that I want to spend the next 6 months of my life in the warm and sunny south and here I am, in Spain, in the beautiful city Salamanca. Aaaaand it’s raining. But hey, it’s only February, I’m sure I’ll still have a lot of sunny days before me. And a lot of adventures too. And you should miss them neither, so look in on the blog, there are a lot of things to come!



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